We are the KnowledgeOwl Team!

Our history

and how we've changed through the years
Great customer service is the cornerstone of the company. While there are plenty of reasons to give great service, we simply think it's the right thing to do. We are inspired by people and companies who make the world a better place by treating others nicely.

As KnowledgeOwl continues to grow and thrive, we as a company stick to our founding values of customer-driven development and a focus on great customer support.
Our greatest assets, our users, continue to provide extremely valuable feedback and help us to make the product the best that it can be.
After making it to the Final Four in 2015, KnowledgeOwl beats out 63 other companies in the Capterra Reviews Madness Competition to become one of the top reviewed products on Capterra (and we win a sweet trophy too!).
In the second half of the year, KnowledgeOwl begins to hire new team members to help support its current customers and aid in growth. Customer count continues to increase and revenue doubles.

On June 1st, company co-founders Marybeth Alexander and Pete Grigg purchase the product from the original parent company and officially rebrand as KnowledgeOwl. Completely bootstrapped, the newly founded autonomous company is profitable and able to support itself from day one.
Work begins in earnest to refine the product vision and maximize the tool’s value for its current and future customers. Both revenue and active customers triple.

KnowledgeOwl is brought to market! The first paying customer signs up in April, and the product begins to flesh itself out. As more customers sign on, they provide valuable feedback to help steer development in the right direction.

The original parent company’s documentation team begins to migrate content into the product and provides the first source of customer driven development. They like the tool so much that they start using it for their customer-facing documentation.
The eventual co-founders of KnowledgeOwl, Marybeth and Pete, take over the product with the intent to bring it to market as a stand-alone knowledge base software solution under the umbrella of the parent company.

In a surprise move by the parent company’s support development team, KnowledgeOwl is brought back from the dead as an internal tool for knowledge sharing and documentation.
The decision is due in large part to a lack of ability for the support team to share knowledge internally. This sets the stage for a product, and then a company, founded by support professionals for support professionals.

KnowledgeOwl begins as an internal startup within a parent company. The product is intended to be a full-service help desk solution.
After a short time in development, the product is abandoned but the seed has been planted.

We love to make customers happy

We practice customer-driven development.
We built KnowledgeOwl for our customers, not us. We let them decide what features and functionality to add, building a product that is completely driven based on customer feedback.
We are completely customer-funded.
KnowledgeOwl is run entirely on its own profits, with no outside investment or interests. The only people we answer to are our customers (and the IRS).
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