We are a small company with a big heart.

Great customer service is our North Star. We want to make the world a better place by giving great service and treating people well.
We practice customer-driven development.
We build KnowledgeOwl for our customers, not us. Our users decide what features to add, and we build a product based on customer feedback.
We are customer-funded.
KnowledgeOwl runs on its own profits, with no outside investment or interests. The only people we answer to are our customers (and the IRS).

Our history

and favorite milestones

KnowledgeOwl begins as a lean startup within another company. The vision is to build HelpGizmo, a full help desk solution with ticketing.
While the startup program ends, the idea lives on.

As a surprise 20% project, the support development team revives HelpGizmo. They repurpose it as an internal knowledge base tool for the support team.
The stage is set for a product, and a company, built by customer support professionals.

The first customer, and the first source of feedback, is the docs team. They start using it for their customer-facing product documentation.
Marybeth and Pete, the co-founders of KnowledgeOwl, take over the product. The new vision is to bring HelpGizmo to market as stand-alone knowledge base software.

HelpGizmo gets it first paying customer in April. As they sign up, customers help steer product development in the right direction.

Marybeth and Pete buy the company and rebrand as KnowledgeOwl. Already profitable, the company chooses to remain bootstrapped.
Business is growing, and both revenue and active customers triple.

After making it to the Final Four as HelpGizmo in 2015, KnowledgeOwl beats out 63 other companies in the Capterra Reviews Madness Competition to become one of the top reviewed products (and we win a sweet trophy too!).
KnowledgeOwl makes it first official hire, a former customer and evangelist. Customer count continues to increase and revenue doubles.

As KnowledgeOwl continues to grow, we are able to do fun new things.
  • Marybeth and Pete take a real vacation.
  • We have our first company retreat in Iceland and Edinburgh, and our team gets to meet in real life for the first time.
  • We hire a full-time support professional to help lighten the load.

We start the year off with a bang with a mini-company trip to Disney World. Two team members met up in May for Write the Docs Portland. The whole team is planning a fall retreat around Write the Docs Prague.
We're now GDPR compliant and Privacy Shield certified. We start offering an Enterprise plan and paid professional services.

We are sticking to our values, customer-driven development and great customer service.
Our customers are still our greatest asset. They continue to provide feedback to help build the best knowledge base software.
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