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The great divide, part 1: The case for separate knowledge bases

09/27/2022Kate Mueller
In our first post in a two-part series, we focus on reasons why you might want to split a knowledge base into two and some methods for managing that split.

6 ways to get the most out of search

08/23/2022Kate Mueller
Learn how to get the most out of your knowledge base's search functionality.

Our new content strategy

06/03/2022Kate Mueller
We're updating our blog content strategy to focus explicitly on Documentarian Quality of Life. Learn more about what that means and how you can help shape the content you'll see here moving forward!

Getting Started Guide retrospective: The good, the bad, the ugly

04/18/2022Kate Mueller
We recently redid our Getting Started Guide materials. Here's a retrospective of the entire process.

2021 Product Year in Review

03/02/2022Kate Mueller
This year, we upgraded the majority of our infrastructure and released a lot of feature enhancements and new smaller features.

Tools for editing docs as code – By Chris Ward

01/26/2022KnowledgeOwl Support
Learn about some of the best tools to use if you're considering writing technical documentation in a markup language such as Markdown or Asciidoc.

Customer spotlight: How Intersect for Ability uses KnowledgeOwl for resource sharing

12/02/2021Deborah Barnard
Learn how Intersect for Ability uses their knowledge base to share activity lesson plans and materials among staff leading activities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Why customer experience in your knowledge base is king – By Muhammad Ali Saleem

11/18/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Learn the importance of focusing on customer experience in your knowledge base. Understand how good customer experience grows your business and retains customers.

How to deal with difficult and upset customers

11/04/2021Catherine Heath
Negative customer situations are an opportunity to turn them into a positive experience.

Simple knowledge base SEO tips that anyone can follow

10/28/2021Catherine Heath
A well-formed, optimized knowledge base will exceed customer expectations and create a positive experience.
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