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What tools are technical writers using to do their jobs?

02/21/2018Catherine Heath
In the role of technical writer, the right tools have the potential to make your life so much easier. There are tools to help you write, publish, illustrate or collaborate – even tools to help you

11 documentation writing tips that will save your life (maybe)

02/02/2018Catherine Heath
On a limited budget, it’s often about producing more documentation in less time – while still maintaining quality and usefulness. What’s a documentarian to do?

Plain language is the key to documentation that thrills your users

01/25/2018Catherine Heath
Plain language has a very tangible benefit for your documentation. It makes your writing much easier to comprehend, and this contributes to the overall goal of your knowledge base.

Learning from Mozilla: documenting the web with developer docs

01/05/2018Catherine Heath
Mozilla campaigns to keep the internet open and free. They also make a valiant attempt to document web development with their project MDN Web Docs.

Teach, don't tell: How two companies teach users with their documentation

12/13/2017Catherine Heath
Kayako and HelpDocs are masters when it comes to teaching users with their documentation

Knowledge base teamwork: 7 steps to producing documentation at scale

12/06/2017Catherine Heath
You hope your documentation would vastly improve with more firepower. Your challenge becomes how to keep quality consistent while producing content at scale.

How to know when your company needs a knowledge base

11/22/2017Catherine Heath
With useful questions to ask about your company before you invest any significant time and resources into a new knowledge base.

4 big companies using product documentation for marketing

11/15/2017Catherine Heath
Far from a boring technical necessity, documentation is a chance to promote your brand in front of existing and potential customers.

The brilliance of Adobe’s embedded contextual help

11/01/2017Catherine Heath
Contextual help is documentation presented in the software interface for a seamless learning experience.

The pros and cons of crowdsourcing your docs

10/26/2017Catherine Heath
Crowdsourcing your docs means harnessing the power of the many to produce useful help content for your users.
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