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Comprehensive introduction to Write the Docs documentation community [with tips and links]

06/18/2018Catherine Heath
Write the Docs is a global community of people who care about documentation. Find out what it's all about, how you can get involved, and lots more.

Introductory guide to user documentation [links to further reading]

06/11/2018Catherine Heath
A broad-strokes introduction to the fascinating world of user documentation, with links to more in-depth articles on specific topics.

A conference on two continents: Reflections from a Prague and Portland Write the Docs attendee

05/18/2018Catherine Heath
I’m now a two-time conference-goer to Write the Docs and I wanted to share my experiences of being part of this wonderful community.

Not the Docs: content and voice on a developer blog

05/17/2018Catherine Heath
At Write The Docs Portland 2018, Havi Hoffman, Content Wrangler for the Moz Hacks blog, gave a talk on "Not the Docs – content and voice on a developer blog".

Research like you’re wrong: Lessons from user research gone rogue

05/17/2018Catherine Heath
At Write the Docs Portland 2018, Jen Lambourne gave a fascinating talk on how the GDS conducts user research for its documentation.

How to make your code examples in your documentation shine like Stripe

05/16/2018Catherine Heath
At Write the Docs Portland 2018, Technical Writer at Stripe Larry Ullmann shared his experiences of producing code examples for a developer audience.

Hiring junior technical writers who can contribute successfully to your team

05/16/2018Catherine Heath
At Write the Docs Portland 2018, Technical Writer at Pivotal Sarah Day gave a talk about how to hire junior documentation writers.

Minimum Viable Documentation – the art of documentation triage

05/16/2018Catherine Heath
At his talk during Write the Docs Portland 2018, Senior Technical Documentation Manager at Splunk Neal Kaplan educated us in the art – or craft – of documentation triage.

What is standalone knowledge base software and how to choose

04/26/2018Catherine Heath
There are a number of different solutions out there you could categorize as knowledge base software. We help you sift through the confusion to make the right choice for your business.

A comparison of standalone knowledge base software for your business

04/24/2018KnowledgeOwl Support
Different knowledge base software solutions come bundled with various features and some are integrated with help desks. Compare pricing between knowledge base software.
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