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The line between self-service and neglecting your customers

04/13/2021Catherine Heath
There’s a fine line between asking your customers to self-serve and refusing to invest in your customer support.

Can a business ever have too much knowledge?

04/07/2021Catherine Heath
Information and knowledge are great, but they must be properly handled and managed to be useful for your company.

Knowledge hoarders: why some people won’t share their knowledge

03/31/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
In an ideal world, everyone in your team would share their knowledge equally and we would all know exactly how to do our jobs. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, and knowledge can be bottlenecked in different parts of the company.

Best practices for authoring end-user documentation in an agile environment

03/25/2021Catherine Heath
'Agile' has been a trending word for more than a decade now. Almost all major software enterprises now follow agile methodologies to execute their software development projects.

6 benefits of knowledge management for your customer support team

03/23/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Learn how a knowledge base as part of your knowledge management benefits your company and your customers.

Improving your data literacy in 2021 – by Michelle Knight

03/18/2021Catherine Heath
Data literacy consists of the ability” to read, work with, analyze and argue with sets of data.” This competence translates raw numbers and text into effective communications, decisions, and actions.

Turn customers into loyal fans with these self-service support tips

03/17/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
User documentation is especially important in the B2B software industry. Customers expect standout content so they can use your products without tearing their hair out.

Documentation as Storytelling: Diction and Narration – By Nicholas Graziade

03/11/2021Catherine Heath
Your documentation tells your readers a story about your organization’s products and purpose or your software’s features and functionality. As your clients read, they immerse themselves in the written reflection of your creative vision.

Knowledge chaos: when your team needs an internal knowledge base

03/09/2021Catherine Heath
There may be a scenario in which your team doesn’t have a knowledge base. Perhaps you’re storing your information in - gasp! - print folders, on a shared drive somewhere, or perhaps not managing your knowledge at all.

The new public face of KnowledgeOwl

03/03/2021Kate Mueller
This post is the first in a series about our 2021 rebranding and redesign. In this post, learn about what we've changed and what's yet to come.
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