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Open source knowledge base software for your company’s support strategy

04/13/2018Catherine Heath
If you require extreme flexibility and control over the code, open source knowledge base software could be for you.

Examples of beautiful docs to inspire your self-service content

04/09/2018Catherine Heath
We’d like to apply the concept of beauty to knowledge bases, with tips on how you can make yours more beautiful.

Are you making any of these 4 inclusivity mistakes with your docs?

03/27/2018Catherine Heath
Being inclusive means creating a welcome atmosphere in your docs for as many people as possible – regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, religion, political views, or any other kind of demog

What the British government can teach us about knowledge base UX

03/15/2018Catherine Heath
UX is a specialised field, but anyone can pick up the basic principles and use it to design a better knowledge base. If you’re lucky enough to have access to the skills of professional designers, s

Visual communication in your technical writing

03/05/2018Catherine Heath
You can use visuals to break down complex information like technical detail and processes. Abstract concepts can also be made more concrete with a relevant, diagram or another type of technical illus

What tools are technical writers using to do their jobs?

02/21/2018Catherine Heath
In the role of technical writer, the right tools have the potential to make your life so much easier. There are tools to help you write, publish, illustrate or collaborate – even tools to help you

11 documentation writing tips that will save your life (maybe)

02/02/2018Catherine Heath
On a limited budget, it’s often about producing more documentation in less time – while still maintaining quality and usefulness. What’s a documentarian to do?

Plain language is the key to documentation that thrills your users

01/25/2018Catherine Heath
Plain language has a very tangible benefit for your documentation. It makes your writing much easier to comprehend, and this contributes to the overall goal of your knowledge base.

Learning from Mozilla: documenting the web with developer docs

01/05/2018Catherine Heath
Mozilla campaigns to keep the internet open and free. They also make a valiant attempt to document web development with their project MDN Web Docs.

Teach, don't tell: How two companies teach users with their documentation

12/13/2017Catherine Heath
Kayako and HelpDocs are masters when it comes to teaching users with their documentation
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