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Japanese knowledge theory: the types of workplace knowledge

12/04/2019Catherine Heath
We’re looking at knowledge as it exists in the workplace, and then sharing a Japanese theory of knowledge transfer and knowledge creation (the SECI model).

The magic of proactive customer support in growing your business

11/27/2019Catherine Heath
Proactive customer service is going beyond aiming for customer satisfaction, and instead focusing on customer delight: customers really are number one. It’s the difference between having an ordinary customer experience, and an extraordinary one.

Guide to Knowledge Management and the role of a knowledge base

11/25/2019Catherine Heath
Your organization’s unique store of knowledge is a competitive business advantage. This knowledge must be preserved and shared if your organization is to reach its full potential for productivity.

Keep your content up-to-date and still have time for lunch

11/22/2019Kate Mueller
Here's an adaptable process that Support Sorceress Kate Mueller has refined over the years to keep her documentation up-to-date with less work.

Why you need a self-service customer support knowledge base

11/18/2019Catherine Heath
From saving money to satisfying your customers, here are eight reasons why you need a self-service customer support knowledge base.

The benefits of a customer-facing knowledge base for your business

11/13/2019Catherine Heath
We take you through the major benefits of having a customer-facing knowledge base as part of your customer support strategy.

New Customer Mailing Lists Announcement

11/07/2019Kate Mueller
We've added more ways for you to stay informed on everything KnowledgeOwl.

Our favorite productivity tools at KnowledgeOwl

09/19/2019Catherine Heath
A list of our favorite productivity tools that we use to run the business here at KnowledgeOwl.

The Not Boring Tech Writer: Using Your Detective Skills as a Technical Writer

09/13/2019Catherine Heath
This is our write-up of The Not Boring Tech Writer podcast episode called Using Your Detective Skills as a Technical Writer. The podcast is produced by Jacob Moses and sponsored by KnowledgeOwl.

The Not Boring Tech Writer: Transitioning into Tech Writing from Very-Much-Not Tech Writing

09/06/2019Catherine Heath
We’ve written up the latest episode of The Not Boring Tech Writer podcast by Jacob Moses. Chad Sterling, Product Technical Communications Specialist at KUKA, shares how you can transition into technical writing.
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