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How we build a company culture around our people

06/18/2019Catherine Heath
A people-first culture is an important element of growing a successful business. But how can you do that in practice? We share insights we've learned from culture-building in our small remote team.

Write the Docs – Technically you can: creating technical content for all audiences by Małgorzata Trojanowska

06/07/2019Catherine Heath
Technically you can: creating technical content for all audiences by Małgorzata Trojanowska Catherine Heath | June 7, 2019 Content Writer and Community Manager Małgorzata Trojanowska delivered a talk at Write the Docs Vilnius called '...

Write the Docs – How to turn a freight ship around when all you have is a paddle by Elina McCafferty

06/07/2019Catherine Heath
Elina is a technical writer and she tackles the legacy documentation set at her company. She talked to us about how to handle such a large project, and stay sane while you do it.

Write the Docs – How do we know our documentation makes sense? by Anna Losif

06/07/2019Catherine Heath
Anna Losif is a software developer for the company Ushahidi. They make open source software for teams crowdsourcing information. Anna talked about their documentation challenges.

Write the Docs Vilnius 2019

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Write the Docs Vilnius 2019 was the first Write the Docs conference to take place in the city. It was a day of talks alongside a Writing Day.

Write the Docs – The Legend of Documentation: A markdown to the past by Filipe Mendes

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Software developer Filipe Mendes gave a talk on how he promoted the value of developer documentation within his team, and went through the core issues that he faced along the way.

Write the Docs – Decentralized documentation by Chris Ward

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Freelance technical communicator Chris Ward gave a talk at Write the Docs Vilnius on the opportunities and challenges present in decentralized documentation for projects like Ethereum.

Write the Docs – OMG it's error 5 and the joys of microcopy by Hadas Khen

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Hadas Khen delivered this excellent talk on how to improve the microcopy of your software interface, which also provided a basic introduction to microcopy.

Write the Docs – Defying the Status Quo: How a grassroots effort can transform an organization by Jodie Putrino

05/26/2019Catherine Heath
Jodie Putrino is a technical writer at F5. She shares how she began a grassroots documentation effort that eventually changed how her whole company approaches docs.

Write the Docs – Localize the docs by Paul Wallace

05/26/2019Catherine Heath
Paul Wallace is a former translator and technical writer. He talked to us about localization for your documentation and the process you should go through to ensure success.
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