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Use customer feedback to give your knowledge base a boost

01/26/2021Catherine Heath
It’s important to get a sense of how your knowledge base is performing in order to continuously improve your content. More importantly, you must actually do something productive with the information you gather. Turn information > insights > action with these five easy steps.

The importance of metadata in your knowledge base

01/21/2021Catherine Heath
Why you should use metadata in your knowledge base articles.

What are best practices for knowledge base articles?

01/20/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Learn 8 best practices to ensure your knowledge base articles are consistent and easy to understand.

Screenshot tools: a quick comparison – by Chris Ward

01/14/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
A roundup of tools to help you create screenshots for your documentation.

What are noteworthy examples of knowledge bases for customers?

01/12/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
From MailChimp to Airbnb, there are a number of companies that have struck gold with their knowledge bases. We share four examples with you.

Konmari your documentation: 7 steps to sparking joy

01/07/2021Catherine Heath
As the famous Stephen King said of writing, you should “kill your darlings”. This means we need to let go of things that we feel emotionally attached to but are no longer serving us, which is a big part of the KonMari approach. This idea applies to our documentation as much as anything else.

Avoid knowledge base tumbleweed: how to get your customers to self serve

01/05/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Here are four tips you can use to make customers aware of its existence and drive traffic to your knowledge base.

What technical writers need to know about data governance – by Michelle Knight

12/30/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Data governance defines who (within a company) can use and manage data. Tech writers will be increasingly involved in this work, and affected by data management.

Technical writers as UX advocates – by Shweta Naresh

12/16/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
This article suggests tha technical writers should also be UX advocated. It looks at what UX is, and how UX concerns overlap with tech writing.

Things you don’t think about that are reflections of your brand (hint: some of these are in your docs) - by Gwynne Monahan

12/09/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Your company brand can be represented in everything you publish, including sections of your docs such as release notes.
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