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The importance of FAQs for your business

07/23/2021Catherine Heath
Companies need to think about customer questions that are frequently directed at your support team – there are many repetitive enquiries fielded by your agents that could potentially be resolved with a simple FAQs page.

Introduction to DocOps

07/19/2021Catherine Heath
We’re shining a spotlight on the term “DocOps” in this post. Whether you love it or hate it, DocOps is a growing trend within enterprise content management.

Find out if your knowledge base is providing enough ROI

07/06/2021Catherine Heath
Most people find it easy to analyze the cost of their knowledge base but struggle when it comes to finding out what it has saved their company, especially when those savings are other than financial.

8 tips to improve your knowledge base design

06/30/2021Catherine Heath
From branding to search, use the tips to optimize your knowledge base to be as easy to use as possible.

Knowledge base metrics to improve performance

06/22/2021Catherine Heath
You will save time and money by measuring the performance of your knowledge base using these metrics.

How knowledge bases can help remote teams work more collaboratively

06/09/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Since company culture is about the way you work, it’s important to invest time and energy into your processes. Knowledge-sharing is a key process that enables a successful remote team.

The "gift" of empathy – By Emily Axel

06/08/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Is empathy something that some people are simply gifted with? Or is it a skill like any other—one that can be learned, practiced, and maintained?

Best practices for an awesome knowledge base

06/01/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
If you invest time into creating a quality knowledge base using these tips as a springboard, you’ll find your customer support workflows improving, and everyone will be a lot happier.

Share information remotely with master data and knowledge base management– by Michelle Knight

05/17/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Companies frequently struggle with departmental silos, where necessary enterprise-wide information remains stuck with one team or one person.

Choose the optimum keywords to tag your knowledge base articles for search

05/11/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Optimize your content for search so when your users type a query into the search bar, relevant and useful content comes up.
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