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Terror of the blank page: starting a new documentation project

04/18/2019Catherine Heath
Whether you’re a seasoned technical writer, or someone who is new to writing documentation, following a process might make starting new documentation projects easier.

Learn these psychological techniques to take your documentation up a notch

04/05/2019Catherine Heath
Technical writers can learn a lot from marketers by paying attention to the field of psychology, and ensure that users are likely to be successful using their documentation.

Psychological principles for knowledge base Information Architecture

03/22/2019Catherine Heath
Using the principles of psychology is an important part of designing your knowledge base Information Architecture. Your knowledge of these principles has implications for the conceptual layout of your knowledge base and overall documentation design.

Using documentation templates to improve your writing process

02/18/2019Catherine Heath
Knowledge base templates are a handy way to be more productive and consistent with your documentation. The type of template you need depends on what you want to use your templates to achieve.

Less is more: Minimalism in documentation

02/09/2019Catherine Heath
Minimalism in general means focusing only on what you actually want or need, and eliminating the rest. It’s based on the idea that less is more, and you can apply it to your documentation.

Exploring structured content for your documentation

01/30/2019Catherine Heath
In structured content, content is treated as data to be stored, managed, and reused. Structured content for documentation is managed by technical authors using specialized software tools, and can be governed by information standards.

The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast: Getting your first job in Technical Communication

01/10/2019Catherine Heath
Thaddeus Dieken is a technical writer with Accuray, and Jacob Moses interviewed him on a podcast about getting your first job as a technical writer. This post is a write-up of that interview.

Why you need an internal knowledge base for your business

01/05/2019Catherine Heath
We often talk about customer-facing knowledge bases, but what about your internal staff? You should treat them just like customers, and they too can benefit from an internal knowledge base.

The key features of a SaaS knowledge base

12/23/2018Catherine Heath
Knowledge base software is an important category of software all its own. It’s software that enables you to create a sophisticated knowledge base for your company.

The difference between knowledge base software and Help Authoring Tools

12/10/2018Catherine Heath
Both types of software are designed for producing documentation for internal stakeholders or external users. Here are the main points to be aware of when choosing between a knowledge base solution or a Help Authoring Tool.
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