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Single sourcing part 1: the definition – by Nicholas Graziade

09/17/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Understand single sourcing for documentation. In part one, learn what single sourcing is, how to map content relationships, and how tooling can help.

Survival tips for virtual events – by Deborah Barnard

09/10/2020Deborah Barnard
Virtual events are proliferating. They are awesome, but they can also be draining. Here are a few survival tips.

Servant leadership – by Deborah Barnard

09/03/2020Deborah Barnard
An introduction to servant leadership: a leadership philosophy that reimagines the role of leaders as supporting others.

The Art of the Review – by Swapnil Ogale

08/27/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
There is an art to reviews, especially when it comes to tech writing. This article describes how to support the review process as a writer, and give good feedback as a reviewer.

Write The Docs Portland 2020 Conference: A successful virtual edition

08/20/2020Bri Hillmer
A write-up of the virtual conference experience at Write the Docs Portland 2020, focusing on what it was like to attend a virtual version of an in-person conference.

Style guides: what, why and how - By Deborah Barnard

07/30/2020Deborah Barnard
Learn the benefits of having a writing style guide, how to choose a guide, and some handy tools that can support you and your team when implementing your style decisions.

Tech writing stories from the trenches - by Swapnil Ogale

07/23/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
An experienced technical author tells some tales of professional challenges he's faced, and provides tips for overcoming them.

Card sorting: Index cards to the rescue! – By Nicholas Graziade

07/16/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Use index card sorting to help structure content in your knowledge base overall or specific sections.

Black Lives Matter

07/13/2020Kate Mueller
Black Lives Matter Kate Mueller | July 13, 2020 In the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's deaths we watched company after company issuing emails and statements about Black Lives Matter. Leadership changed hands; companies commi...

After tech writing: where do you go if you want to move on? – By Deborah Barnard

06/02/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Many of us have interesting “origin stories” - how we got into tech writing. Tech writers come from all sorts of educational and professional backgrounds.
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