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How to keep momentum going with your knowledge base

03/03/2021Catherine Heath
To keep momentum going in your knowledge base, you need to remember your purpose, actively plan your strategy, publish new content regularly and assess your progress.

Automation and integration with Zapier and KnowledgeOwl

02/24/2021Deborah Barnard
Zapier is a paid service that lets you connect different apps and create automated workflows, through a GUI (graphical user interface).

Why standalone knowledge bases are in a league of their own

02/23/2021Catherine Heath
There’s a big difference between help desk software solutions and standalone knowledge base software.

Would you use your own knowledge base?

02/16/2021Catherine Heath
A good test of the usefulness of your knowledge base is whether or not you use it yourself. If you don't use your own knowledge base, there’s a good chance your customers won’t, either!

Should your knowledge base be private?

02/09/2021Catherine Heath
We’re going to go through some of the pros and cons of keeping your knowledge base private now.

State of the Parliament 2020

02/08/2021Marybeth Alexander
Welcome to our first public State of the Parliament report! It's our pleasure to share with your a summary of our activities, achievements, and impacts made over the past year.

Using metadata to research context – by Michelle Knight

02/04/2021Catherine Heath
Metadata, background information about a resource (whether an image, another paper, or person) guides the author on fitting content to the circumstances.

How to create the best customer experience with your knowledge base

02/02/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Maintain customer satisfaction by providing a knowledge base to help them self-serve their queries, and you’ll be staying one step ahead of your competitors in encouraging your customers to remain loyal to your brand.

The importance of technical editing in documentation - By Surya Panneer

01/28/2021KnowledgeOwl Support
Let us look at a brief perspective on technical editing and the role of a technical editor in the technical communication world. Also, let us see the list of points a technical editor can check while editing any piece of information.

Use customer feedback to give your knowledge base a boost

01/26/2021Catherine Heath
It’s important to get a sense of how your knowledge base is performing in order to continuously improve your content. More importantly, you must actually do something productive with the information you gather. Turn information > insights > action with these five easy steps.
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