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Interviewing Subject Matter Experts for your documentation

10/23/2018Catherine Heath
Even seasoned technical writers, with decades of domain-specific experience and in-depth technical knowledge, will find themselves interviewing SMEs. And yet many find this part of their role quite tricky.

The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast review – Surviving in the Dev World

10/11/2018Catherine Heath
Jacob’s latest podcast guests are Michal Skowron and Pawel Kowaluk. They are both technical writers at Guidewire Software and they’re based in Kraków, Poland.

Spotlight on Jacob Moses and The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast relaunch

10/11/2018Catherine Heath
We talked to technical writer Jacob Moses who is the producer and host of The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast. KnowledgeOwl is proud to sponsor Jacob's podcast.

Don’t say “simply” in your documentation by Jim Fisher

09/26/2018Catherine Heath
Jim Fisher is a technical product manager at Pusher, and he gave a great talk at Write the Docs Prague 2018 about the drawbacks of using the word “simply” in your documentation.

Learning to love release notes by Anne Edwards

09/24/2018Catherine Heath
Anne is a technical writer at Improbable and she gave a fascinating talk on how to best write release notes, including how they relate to – well – poetry.

Making video documentation by Sarah Ley-Hamilton

09/20/2018Catherine Heath
At Write the Docs Prague 2018, Sarah Ley-Hamilton gave an excellent talk on how to make video documentation for your company.

Web accessibility for your documentation by Carolyn Stransky

09/18/2018Catherine Heath
Web accessibility is a well-known issue for web designers, and yet many people still find it difficult to use the internet for a number of reasons. While many software products are accessible already, documentation often gets left by the wayside.

KnowledgeOwl company trip to Write the Docs Prague 2018

09/16/2018Catherine Heath
Write the Docs Prague conference 2018 was the focal point of our latest KnowledgeOwl company trip. This was the first time the whole team has been together in real life.

Hire a technical writer for your project in 10 steps

08/31/2018Catherine Heath
You’re looking to hire a technical writer and wondering where to start. This post deals with hiring a technical writer for your project in 10 practical steps.

Creating the information architecture for your documentation

08/16/2018Catherine Heath
Information architecture is distinct from the quality of your documentation writing. There are categories, there is order, and the structure (hopefully) makes sense.
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