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Tech writing stories from the trenches - by Swapnil Ogale

07/23/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
An experienced technical author tells some tales of professional challenges he's faced, and provides tips for overcoming them.

Card sorting: Index cards to the rescue! – By Nicholas Graziade

07/16/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Use index card sorting to help structure content in your knowledge base overall or specific sections.

Black Lives Matter

07/13/2020Kate Mueller
Black Lives Matter Kate Mueller | July 13, 2020 In the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's deaths we watched company after company issuing emails and statements about Black Lives Matter. Leadership changed hands; companies commi...

After tech writing: where do you go if you want to move on? – By Deborah Barnard

06/02/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Many of us have interesting “origin stories” - how we got into tech writing. Tech writers come from all sorts of educational and professional backgrounds.

Building a tech writing portfolio that will win you new clients

05/26/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
This blog post covers some ideas on building a tech writing portfolio, along with my recent personal experience of building a portfolio using a combination of Markdown, Git, and a Static Site Generator.

How API docs became my silver lining – by Swapnil Ogale

05/15/2020Catherine Heath
Here's a guest post from technical writer Swapnil Ogale about how he got into writing API documentation.

Zoom meeting etiquette: tips from the KnowledgeOwl team

05/07/2020Catherine Heath
What kind of etiquette should you use when attending Zoom meetings with your coworkers? Is there even a consensus at all? It’s a hot topic, so read on!

Docs as Code: An introduction for beginners

05/04/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
This short article will introduce the practice of docs like code: what it is, its pros and cons, some of the skills and tooling involved, and how to decide if it’s right for you.

Improve your knowledge base Information Architecture by hacking expectations

04/30/2020KnowledgeOwl Support
Information Architecture describes the way we organize data in a website, knowledge base, wiki, software interface, or information technology system. However, as an abstraction of what you actually build, you might encounter challenges when turning that vision into something more tangible.

Escaping the drama triangle as a customer support agent: everyone’s a winner

04/20/2020Catherine Heath
As much fun as stories are, when we play out these dramas in real life, conflict inevitably occurs. This is a particular risk when it comes to working in customer support, because you are working directly with people.
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