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Victor Sluiter - Adventures in setting up a knowledge system for a research group

10/13/2021Catherine Heath
This is a talk about setting up a knowledge system for a research group.

Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti - When documenting is designing: How to assist API design as a technical writer

10/13/2021Catherine Heath
A talk about how technical writers can assist with API design in their companies.

Ryan Macklin - So you need to give bad news to users…

10/13/2021Catherine Heath
A talk about having more empathy for users who aren't in calm states of mind.

Lana Brindley - More than words: Reviewing and updating your information architecture

10/13/2021Catherine Heath
A talk about the importance of designing your documentation for users.

Lukas Reußner - Hitchhiker's Guide to Documentation Tools and Processes

10/13/2021Catherine Heath
A talk describing how we can choose the right tools for our documentation.

Write the Docs Prague 2021 – By Catherine, Marybeth, and Deborah

10/13/2021Deborah Barnard
Write-up of attending Write the Docs Prague 2021, sharing our experiences and favorite talks.

9 technical writing tips every writer should know

10/01/2021Catherine Heath
Technical writers have a difficult job, taking the complex and making it comprehensible for users.

Ways to improve your technical writing skills

09/23/2021Catherine Heath
Technical writers are typically continuous learners. It’s crucial to remain competitive in the industry, both for your own job security and career progression.

Top 10 customer service tips

09/20/2021Catherine Heath
Customer service is the main way that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and have customers coming back for more.

Reasons why your company needs an online knowledge base

09/13/2021Catherine Heath
You can provide outstanding customer service or enhance employee satisfaction with a self-service repository of information.
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