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9 technical writer skills you should learn

12/06/2018Catherine Heath
Learn about the top skills you need to flourish in a career as a technical writer. Technical Writer is currently one of the top jobs in Creative & Media, and it’s an expanding field.

Search Engine Optimization for your knowledge base

12/04/2018Catherine Heath
Knowledge base SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial aspect of your customer support strategy. Learn the basics of SEO for your knowledge base.

KnowledgeOwl is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace

11/16/2018Catherine Heath
We are delighted to announce our Zendesk app, KnowledgeOwl Support Assist, is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace for all our customers.

Brainstorming our documentation strategy at Write the Docs Prague

11/15/2018Catherine Heath
We brainstormed our new documentation strategy on Writing Day, and we wanted to share the full extent of what we learned during that session.

Interview with Kate Mueller, Support Sorceress and Cheesemonger at KnowledgeOwl

11/15/2018Catherine Heath
Kate Mueller is our very talented new Support Sorceress and Cheesemonger. We interviewed her to find out more about her current job and what it’s like, as well as her tips for support folks.

Putting users first with knowledge base UX

11/09/2018Catherine Heath
User Experience is naturally geared towards helping your users accomplish their goals as they relate to your product and company, and so is your knowledge base.

Introducing a new, smarter search in KnowledgeOwl

11/08/2018KnowledgeOwl Support
Introducing a new, smarter search in KnowledgeOwl Kate Mueller | November 8, 2018 Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash We are extremely excited to release our new search, powered by Elasticsearch. Now the same search technology...

The untapped value of a self-service knowledge base for your company

11/02/2018Catherine Heath
Standalone knowledge base software has many benefits for your company’s support strategy, and the right knowledge base can provide enormous value.

How knowledge bases fit into Knowledge Management software

10/29/2018Catherine Heath
We thought it was time to explain exactly what Knowledge Management is, how it can benefit your business, and if you need a knowledge base for your company.

Interviewing Subject Matter Experts for your documentation

10/23/2018Catherine Heath
Even seasoned technical writers, with decades of domain-specific experience and in-depth technical knowledge, will find themselves interviewing SMEs. And yet many find this part of their role quite tricky.
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