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Write the Docs – The Legend of Documentation: A markdown to the past by Filipe Mendes

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Software developer Filipe Mendes gave a talk on how he promoted the value of developer documentation within his team, and went through the core issues that he faced along the way.

Write the Docs – Decentralized documentation by Chris Ward

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Freelance technical communicator Chris Ward gave a talk at Write the Docs Vilnius on the opportunities and challenges present in decentralized documentation for projects like Ethereum.

Write the Docs – OMG it's error 5 and the joys of microcopy by Hadas Khen

06/06/2019Catherine Heath
Hadas Khen delivered this excellent talk on how to improve the microcopy of your software interface, which also provided a basic introduction to microcopy.

Write the Docs – Defying the Status Quo: How a grassroots effort can transform an organization by Jodie Putrino

05/26/2019Catherine Heath
Jodie Putrino is a technical writer at F5. She shares how she began a grassroots documentation effort that eventually changed how her whole company approaches docs.

Write the Docs – Localize the docs by Paul Wallace

05/26/2019Catherine Heath
Paul Wallace is a former translator and technical writer. He talked to us about localization for your documentation and the process you should go through to ensure success.

Write the Docs – Draw the docs by Alicja Raszkowska

05/25/2019Catherine Heath
Alicja Raszkowska is a software engineer at Mobify, and also a passionate fan of drawing. In this talk, she explains how she incorporates drawing in her documentation.

Write the Docs – Any friend of the docs is a friend of mine by Heather Stenson

05/24/2019Catherine Heath
Technical writer at Mapbox Heather Stenson talked to us about Friends of the Docs, which you can build in order to improve your documentation productivity.

Write the Docs Portland 2019

05/24/2019Catherine Heath
Write the Docs is a global conference for documentarians. Write the Docs Portland 2019 was the biggest yet, and we share our experience of the conference this year.

STC Summit – Using evidence to influence decision making by Karen Schriver

05/14/2019Catherine Heath
Karen explained to us how we can become more enlightened thinkers by learning the necessary skills to critique some of the arguments we encounter every day.

STC Summit – Translation and localization techniques in technical writing by Karen Tkaczyk

05/11/2019Catherine Heath
Translation and localization projects can be time-consuming, difficult and expensive. Professional translator Karen Tkaczyk tells us how to make translations go more smoothly.
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