Customer testimonial: Why I use KnowledgeOwl for SurveyGizmo documentation

bri hillmer | November 16, 2016

Finding the perfect software is difficult. It's even harder to find the right knowledge base software. More than other software, you'll likely need to invest a lot of time to vet knowledge base software. This is because you're effectively building a website; you'll need to get your content in place in order to have a good test of whether the knowledge base software gives you what you need. This is no small task.

For this reason, when I recently found myself in a position in which I had to make the case for why I use KnowledgeOwl for SurveyGizmo documentation, I took notes. I would like to share with KnowledgeOwl's potential customers why I love using KnowledgeOwl.  

Ease Of Use

KnowledgeOwl is very easy to use. I took this for granted until I found myself evaluating other software. The main tool in question (I won't name names) was unbelievably difficult to use. As an example, the default knowledge article had no body field; I had to add a body field in order to add my articles' content! Later in the process of evaluating the software, I learned that I needed to build a web page in order to have a publicly available knowledge base!

In contrast, in just three clicks and six essential fields, you can have a publicly available template knowledge base using KnowledgeOwl. I created the below knowledge base in less than three minutes. 

What's cool about the template knowledge base is that it's full of content about building your knowledge base. For example, check out this article on how to get started setting up your knowledge base. 

They also have a really helpful, easy-to-use tour to help you get started using the software!

This is just the trial experience. I've been using KnowledgeOwl for 3+ years now. I spend 95% of my work day in the KnowledgeOwl software. Using KnowledgeOwl is seamless and delightful. As any employee of a software company, I know how hard this can be. 


If you were looking for a list of features that set KnowledgeOwl apart from their competitors this is where this list would be. But, I'm not going to provide a list of features because it is unnecessary; if you can conceive of it, KnowledgeOwl can do it. 

What's interesting about KnowledgeOwl is that in addition to the ability to create a great, out-of-the-box knowledge base, you can also easily customize your knowledge base. A lot of software is either easy-to-use, but hard to customize or customizable but difficult to use. KnowledgeOwl has bridged this gap. With KnowledgeOwl you can hit the ground running and then dig in to all the options for customization.

There are a number of tools and settings available for customizing everything from the look and feel of your knowledge base to who can see what. Further, if you have a developer or are willing to try your hand with HTML and CSS you have full access to modify the bones of your KnowledgeOwl knowledge base. 

There was a time when I had the honor of having the most customized KnowledgeOwl-powered knowledge base, but many KnowledgeOwl customers have now far surpassed me with their customizations. If you're interested, check out the SurveyGizmo knowledge base or ask KnowledgeOwl to see other awesome examples.

They Listen, Understand, and Iterate

This sets KnowledgeOwl apart from other knowledge base software and other SaaS companies. Marybeth and Pete, the owls behind KnowledgeOwl, have an authentic desire to continuously improve KnowledgeOwl based on customer feedback. 

As KnowledgeOwl's very first customer I've been witness to KnowledgeOwl's growing customer list. As customers come on board and give feedback I have also benefited. Increasingly, when I send KnowledgeOwl a request, their response is "We have an option for that!". Knowing Marybeth and Pete like I do, this shouldn't be a surprise to me, but, I often marvel at their ability to listen, understand, and iterate in such a way that all customers benefit!

I Appreciate the Way They Do Business

Finally, when searching for software you can evaluate a list of features, you can trial the software, and otherwise objectively weigh the tools available for the price. Often though, the decision is based on something more than objective analysis. Marybeth and Pete, and KnowledgeOwl by association, have the certain something that makes doing business with them an obvious good decision. I don't even need to really say this because you'll find this out for yourself if you sign up for a trial, but for those who need the motivation to do so know this: KnowledgeOwl is just the avenue through which two customer-focused, service-enthusiasts have found a way to make a living by helping their customers. 

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bri hillmer
Bri Hillmer

Bri is a Sr. Technical Writer at Alteryx. An Ohioan at heart, Bri now lives in Colorado where she spends her time reading, hiking, and spending time with her dogs.

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