KnowledgeOwl wins ELGL Choice Award for Top 50 Local Government Companies

Marybeth Alexander | August 25, 2016

We're super psyched that KnowledgeOwl has been named one of the Top 50 Local Government Companies by ELGL. The inaugural ELGL Choice Award recipients were selected based on the number of nominations received (75%) and an evaluation by the ELGL Evaluation Team (25%).

Nominations ran from August 8th to August 14th, and both ELGL members and non-members could "nominate any non-government entity that is excelling at providing services to local government". We found out KnowledgeOwl was nominated when an early list of nominees was posted and sent out via Twitter.

On August 23rd, ELGL published their rankings of the Top 50 Local Government Companies based on the above criteria. KnowledgeOwl was listed 28th, which is especially exciting knowing that 75% of the ranking was based on nominations so we know that we must have had some customers out there nominating us!

The rankings will be updated quarterly based on the same criteria, and KnowledgeOwl aims to move up in the rankings by continuing to provide awesome service to our customers. Any member or non-member can submit a nomination at the bottom of the listing.

ELGL describes itself as a big-tent organization with a mission to connect, communicate, and educate about local government topics. Originally ELGL stood for "emerging local government leaders" but the "E" has evolved over time. While Facebook suggests that the "E" stands for "engaging", ELGL's FAQs actually addresses the question, stating that the "E" stands for "everything", going so far as to provide a list of member generated ideas for what the "E" could mean if you really need ELGL to be a proper acronym.

In addition to running the Choice Awards, amazing Twitter accounts, and a professional organizational membership program, ELGL has an annual conference coming up on October 21. Well, we should probably pluralize that, as they will actually be holding pop up conferences in six regions around the country.

KnowledgeOwl provides knowledge base software to local government organizations to help them share information with the communities they serve, their employees, and other organizations. Our local government customers range from cities, to parks and recreation, to schools, to non-profit organizations.

Our customers use KnowledgeOwl to create internal employee knowledge bases, public facing informational sites, accredidation documentation,  online manuals, policies, procedures, and more. Our software allows you to set up your sites to control exactly who can access your content and how they can access it.

We understand money can be tight in government and non-profit organizations, so our local government customers can enjoy our 25% non-profit discount on all annual subscriptions. We also offer complimentary support, training, and consultation, helping with everything from custom themes to single sign-on implementation.

If you are interested in seeing how KnowledgeOwl could help your organization, sign up for our free trial to kick the tires or contact us to chat about your needs. You can email us at or give us a ring at +1 (303) 566-7131. We love to help!

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Marybeth Alexander

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