KnowledgeOwl helps organizations of all sizes build better knowledge bases.

Organize information and manage content

  • Keep information organized into categories and sub-categories
  • Use tags to relate articles by terms or phrases to improve findability
  • Share categories and articles across knowledge bases
Knowledge base editor
Secure your content

Make content secure and prevent unauthorized access

  • Use SSO to authenticate readers from identity providers
  • Set up remote authentication to log in from your website or app
  • Lock down KBs by logins, passwords, or IP addresses
  • Decide who can view, edit, or access KBs

Create and export content

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to create articles with headers, lists, and tables
  • Drag and drop files and images or embed videos and PDFs
  • Create article templates or use global snippets to quickly add new content
  • Create custom PDFs, individual article PDFs, or entire knowledge base PDFs
Create and export content quickly and easily
style your knowledge base

Customize content and match your brand's style

  • Customize logo, colors, fonts, and styles
  • Serve your content from a private domain
  • Add custom CSS, HTML, and Javascript
  • Make sure it looks great on all devices

Increase accessibility and help your readers find what they need

  • Browse contents using tables of contents or categories
  • Use tags and search phrases or autosuggest to get readers to the right article
  • Share categories and articles across knowledge bases
help readers find what they seek
engage your readers

Engage your readers and learn what they think

  • Use comments, stars, or thumbs to find out how useful your articles are
  • Enable questions or comments through contact forms
  • Keep readers up to date with blog style announcements
  • Use icons to draw attention to important content changes


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