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LOVE HelpGizmo

     by Sabrina on March 14, 2014
HelpGizmo is the perfect tool to help organize any type of information. I am using it to build an internal HR site for our employees to make it easier to access the data they need on a daily basis. It's very easy to use, and the support I have received is phenomenal! Need guidance or have a suggestion for a feature? Marybeth and Pete have got you covered! A+++++

Easy to use. Fast

     by Mel on April 8, 2014
My team is tasked with providing how-to video tutorials for our customers. We had been using another site to maintain our knowledge base, and I became comfortable with the quirkiness of the workflow. When I demoed HelpGizmo, it was immediately clear that it was the tool for us!

Not only did I have several pages of our new help site created to show my boss the first day I started using HelpGizmo, I also asked for and received help from the HelpGizmo Support team within the same day!

Like so many others, I am a self taught designer and developer. The application is easy to use, has the bootstrap framework loaded and ready to run, and most importantly, it is fast.

Great software! Great Support! Great Combination!

HelpGizmo FTW!

     by Justin on April 9, 2014
I've been using HelpGizmo since it's earliest version and I was already a happy customer with the 1.0 version. Now, with almost a year of responsive development & real-world usage, it has become a powerful tool that any business can easily integrate into their internal or external sites to provide the right answers at the right time/place. And I love working in it every day. Their support is excellent and they are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and trends in customer service and help software. If you need something or just have a question, reach out to them, you won't be disappointed!

We finally have the knowledge base I envisioned!

     by bri on March 21, 2014
I have been the documentation coordinator at SurveyGizmo for 2 years. For my first year and a half in this role I had a vision for what our documentation should be that I could never quite achieve with previous tools.

Far and away the feature that has changed our documentation the most is the embeddable widget. The widget allows me to serve up content from within our web application, which means I can recommend articles based on where customers are in the web application. This also means, because customers are logged in, I know who they are and can display different content based on their plan level. And, because they are interacting with the help from inside the application, I have reporting capabilities that allows me to be strategic. I can identify locations within our web application where users frequently search for help.

HelpGizmo's table of contents organization allows editors and customers to see the "big picture" of documentation. This not only makes documentation management more efficient but, more importantly, it allows customers to help themselves. Customers who search our help documentation for a quick answer can see the other content and are encouraged to come back and use the other resources.

The switch over to HelpGizmo is FAST! Depending on your content you should be able to go live with a public site in a day, two tops.

Finally, and most importantly, the HelpGizmo team believes in customer-driven development and they're not just saying that. They are bright, energetic customer service gurus who just intuitively understand how to help you help your customers. When it comes to feature requests Marybeth will probably finish your sentences for you. Recently, they just whipped up a feature based on another customer's feedback that allows you to flag and article as either New or Updated. So cool!

This tool already packed full of really rad features and the HelpGizmo team is just itching for customer feedback to build more.

HelpGizmo is downright amazing!

     by Paul on June 14, 2014
The HelpGizmo support staff has been very helpful and patient with the needs of our company. They are always willing to stop and help whenever needed. With this tool, we have been able to condense many platforms into one. All of our employee portal and training now available for our team to use on an ongoing basis. Because of HelpGizmo, we have developed an interactive, self-led training program that provides our employees with the necessary information to become subject matter experts in our market space. The application is very intuitive and very robust. Thanks HelpGizmo for making our lives easier!

The best decision I made...

     by Josh Clayton on November 6, 2014
We were using Zendesk for our knowledge base because it was also our ticketing system, but I got frustrated with slow development timelines for some features core to our organization. We had made too many concessions and created too many workarounds and we needed an alternative solution.

After looking into over a dozen options, I discovered HelpGizmo. Not only did they already have the core features we needed, they were genuinely interested in building the best product possible and asked about the other pain points that existed with our previous service. They were willing to iterate on their product quickly and excellently to make it something even better than the great product I had discovered. It was such a different experience to see how quickly they responded and rolled out really great features that create a lot of value. Best yet, we still use Zendesk for ticketing but HelpGizmo is now our knowledge base and since Helpgizmo integrates with Zendesk we get the best of what each company offers. This made the decision to switch so easy for our organization and made me a hero.

Going with HelpGizmo was a great decision and working with their team has been a true pleasure. Highly, highly recommend!

Product Manager

     by Charles on January 12, 2015
A great product. HelpGizmo is so easy to use, intuitive yet with all the features we need. It is super easy to share and manage knowledge within and outside organization. We have been using HelpGizmo as helpdesk, customer onboarding, UAT and employee onboarding, it has made our life so much easier as all the knowledge is located at one place that can be access at any place.

Moreover, customer support is excellent. HelpGizmo support team is always there whenever we have question, it feels like they are just next door, great and fast response all the time.

Nothing Better. Period.

     by Kohl on February 5, 2015
HelpGizmo is amazing. Not only is the tool itself incredibly functional, but the HelpGizmo staff really knows how to treat their customers. They always listen to any ideas and will either implement features for your personal sites, or if it seems popular enough, globally for all HG users. What is provided for the price is like nothing else out there. They are incredibly flexible with any requirements you may have to make the site your own. I demo'd this KB to the CEO of the company I work for (a very large outsourced contact center) and he loved it so much that I am now in the process of building one for every project in the company.

Excellent knowledge base!

     by Nesa on February 23, 2015
Using Helpgizmo for our company's knowledge base is the best decision we made. The pages are easy to edit and manage. I was able to add pages at my first login! It really makes it easier for users to access the data they need, so you won't have to go over and over the same set of instructions to different sets of customers daily.

Excellent customer support: Quick to reply on any issue and are very enthusiastic to help you. If you need guidance or have a suggestion for a feature, Marybeth got you covered! If the top score for support is 5, these guys deserve a 10!

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