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And as always, we love giving voice and platform to tech writers. As such, we're always looking for guest bloggers (paid) and for guests for The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast (unpaid).

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KnowledgeOwl is looking for more contributors for our company blog.

About our blog posts

This is an opportunity to write about a topic that interests you. It must be related to Documentarian Quality of Life, though the lens you choose to view this through is up to you--it can be tech writing, workflows, navigating subject matter experts, customer support, or more. We are keen to host writers on a range of topics - we want to hear from enthusiastic experts in their field! You can check out more about our overall content strategy to see if your idea might be a good fit.

Articles are generally 1200-1600 words, and follow a basic style guide. These criteria are guidelines. For example, if you have an idea for an article that would benefit from being longer/shorter, we still want to hear from you!

All articles are credited to the writer, and include a short author bio. We pay $250 USD per article, or your existing rate, whichever is higher. We realize that could be a bit confusing, so here’s our explanation: the $250 is a minimum rate to make sure no-one is losing out by accidentally quoting a massively lower rate than they’re worth, but if your usual rate for an article would be higher, let us know!

About you

You are a documentarian (whether tech writer, dev, or something else), or perhaps work in customer support. You have a topic you’re interested in, that you’d love to write about.

About us

KnowledgeOwl makes knowledge base software. We value excellent customer support and service-driven ethical business practices. 

Our customers (and wider blog audience) are from a variety of industries and backgrounds. When thinking about an article topic, please keep in mind that many of the readers are neither programmers, nor working closely with developers. For example, you cannot assume they will be aware of things like version control, linting, or build processes. Keep your topics general, but not too broad. 

To write for us

Contact blog@knowledgeowl.com with your topic ideas and a brief outline - this can just be bullet points of the article sections. If you have an existing rate, please include that as well. If you have a blog or any work samples, please include some links.

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