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SEOTitle tagsCustomize your page title tags for SEO.
SEOMeta descriptionsCustomize your page meta descriptions for use in search engine and KnowledgeOwl search results.
SEOCanonical tagsShared articles and categories are automatically given canonical tags to prevent issues with duplicate content.
SEOGoogle Search Console (Webmaster)Install Google Search Console to track search performance.
SEOSite mapsGenerate publicly available XML sitemaps.
SEO301 redirects301 redirect all subdomain requests to your private domain to ensure only one version of your website is indexed.
SEOForce SSL linksForce all URLs to be secure to ensure only one version of your site is indexed.
SEOEnforce 55-character title tagsAutomatically ensures that page titles to not exceed 55 characters. Truncates longer article titles to ensure your knowledge base name is included.
PricingMonth-to-monthSubscribe to a monthly account; upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at any time. Credit card only.
PricingAnnualSubscribe to an annual account and save 10%; upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at any time. Pay by credit card, bank transfer (ACH), check, or wire transfer.
PricingNon-profit discountsSubscribe to an annual account as a non-profit and save 25%; upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at any time.
Pricing14-day free trialTry KnowledgeOwl free for 14 days with no credit card required. Need a longer trial? Just ask.
PricingInvoiceContact us to pay by annual invoice.  Invoices can be paid by credit card, bank transfer (ACH), check, or wire transfer.
PricingPayPalContact us to arrange payment using Paypal.
PricingPurchase OrdersContact us to arrange payment by PO.
PricingCheckContact us to pay by check.
PricingWire TransferContact us to pay by wire transfer. Additional $10 fee applies.
PricingProrated subscriptionsSubscriptions are automatically prorated when upgraded and downgraded, charging the difference or adding a credit to your account.
Pricing100% Happiness GuaranteeIf you aren't happy with KnowledgeOwl, let us know and we will issue you a full refund.
File LibraryFile libraryAdd and manage files and images in your file library.
File LibraryUnlimited filesUpload as many files and images as you want.
File LibraryFile size limitUpload files up to 200 MB. Big enough to accommodate most video files.
File LibraryGlobal file managementEdit existing files and images in your library, updating them wherever they are used in your knowledge base.
File LibraryFile taggingUse tags to categorize and quickly find your images and files.
File LibraryFile User PermissionsSet rules to determine who can add, edit, or delete files in your library.
SearchAutosuggest / typeahead searchAutomatically suggests relevant articles as you type, allowing you to jump straight to a selected article.
SearchSynonym libraryCreate synonyms for your terminology to help readers using different terminology get to the right content.
SearchTagsAdd tags to articles to improve results in search and relate content. Search by tags.
SearchSearch phrasesAssign specific search phrases to articles to ensure they come up when that certain search phrase is used.
SearchSearch PDFsSearch the content of PDFs that are uploaded to an article from your library.
SearchFilter search by category and sub-categoryFilter search by category or sub-category before or after searching to narrow results.
SearchExact matchExact match search results will bubble up to the top of search results. Force an exact match only search using quotes.
SearchPartial matchAllow partial matches to be returned in search.
SearchFull text searchSearch the full body of articles when performing a search, not just the title.
SearchSmart search resultsSearch for variations of the search terms, including plurals and tenses.
SearchWeighted search resultsSearch results are weighted and ranked based on the type of results and other variables (exact match search, search phrases, tags, and learned results). Learned search results are based on where the terms appear (titles > headers > body), frequency of the term, and past search behavior.
SearchSelf-learning searchSearch results improve over time, taking into account what articles are picked and not picked after a certain search term is used. earned search results are based on where the terms appear (titles > headers > body), frequency of the term, and past search behavior.
SearchSearch snippets / descriptionsUse the meta description field to override the default preview in search results.
SearchHide categories and articles from searchHide certain content which you do not want appearing in search results.
NavigationTable of contentsDisplay an interactive table of contents to allow readers to easily browse your content without reloading the page.
NavigationBreadcrumbsDisplay breadcrumbs in articles to display the current location in the kb and allow the reader to navigation up the tree.
NavigationCustomizable table of contents behaviorChoose to open or close categories by default, hide content,  or hide child content.
NavigationHome buttonDisplay a home button in the table of contents to allow readers to quickly jump to the home page.
NavigationSearch barDisplay a search bar in your table of contents.
NavigationGlossaryDisplay a glossary link in your table of contents.
NavigationContact UsDisplay a contact us link in your table of contents.
NavigationFull PDF DownloadDisplay a link to download the full PDF of your entire knowledge base.
NavigationFAQ Navigation Create a preformatted category landing page  to display all its content by title and description or list of contents.
DomainsSubdomainCreate a customized subdomain for your knowledge base URL in the format of "".
DomainsPrivate domainSet up a custom domain with no reference to KnowledgeOwl, such as "".
DomainsForce SSL linksEnsure that your knowledge base URLs are always encrypted over a secure connection.
DomainsSSL private domainsSet up a secure private domain by uploading your own SSL information.
Domains301 redirects301 redirect all subdomain requests to your private domain.
DomainsRoot pathChoose between using a base URL path of "/help", /docs, or "/home" for your knowledge base URLs.
GlossaryGlossaryCreate a glossary of common terms and definitions for your knowledge base.
GlossaryAutomatically highlight glossary termsAutomatically highlight and provide hover-over definitions for the 1-10 glossary terms that appear in an article.
GlossaryAdd a glossary term to articleCreate a hover-over definition for glossary terms, synonyms, and acronyms in your content.
Related ArticlesRelated articles widgetDisplay a list of up to 5 related articles
Related ArticlesAutomatically populate related articlesAutomatically populate up to 5 related articles based on search
Related ArticlesSet related articlesSpecify related articles, trumping automatic suggestions.
SettingsTimezone & date formatChoose the time zone and date format to be used for each knowledge base.
SettingsDefault article callout time periodsSet a default time period for all callout icons.
SettingsNeeds ReviewAutomatically set articles to Needs Review status if they haven't been modified during a specified time period.
SettingsSpellcheckEnable the article editor spellcheck to be on by default or individually on articles.
SecurityRestrict KB by reader loginsCreate individual usernames and passwords for readers, requiring them to log in to access content.
SecurityReader groupsCreate reader groups to restrict access to content for readers and users.
SecuritySAML Single Sign-ON (SSO)Set up SSO using SAML authentication to log in readers from your own identity provider like ADFS or Google Apps.
SecurityRemote authenticationSet up remote authentication to automatically log in readers from your own website or application.
SecuritySalesforce SSOSet up SSO from your Salesforce account to ensure only authenticated Salesforce users have access.
SecurityRestrict by IP addressRestrict access to your site based on IP addresses.
SecurityRestrict by shared passwordAdd a shared password to your site to prevent unauthorized access.
SecurityRestrict  by IP address AND shared passwordsRequire both a shared password and IP address to access the knowledge base.
SecurityReader session expirationCustomize how long your readers sessions will last before requiring reauthentication. Choose from 1 hour to 12 months.
SecurityReader group logicChoose between inclusive (readers can see all content for any groups they are assigned) or exclusive (readers can only see content when they belong to all designated groups). 
SecurityReader passwordsChoose between managing your readers passwords or allowing your readers to set and manage their own passwords via email.
SecurityPassword attemptsChoose between locking out readers after 3 failed passwords or allowing unlimited attempts.
SecurityPassword expiration intervalSpecify when readers will be required to update their password.
SecurityRepeat password limitationsSpecify how many previous passwords are not allowed when resetting.
SecurityCustom password validation rulesCreate custom password rules to force readers to create secure passwords that meet your requirements.
SecurityCustom password validation messageCustomize the validation message to alert readers to your password requirements.
SecurityUsers as readersAllow your users to log in as readers.
SecurityRestrict readers by IP addressOny allow readers to log in from specified IP addresses.
Reader managementGroup restrictionsAssign readers to groups to give them access to restricted content.
Reader managementReader signupsAdd a reader signup form to your login page.
Reader managementReader Google loginsAllow your readers to log in or sign up using their existing Google account.
Reader managementCustomize reader emailsCustomize your welcome and password reset emails .
Reader managementCreate readers from spreadsheetUpload and update readers in bulk.
Reader managementSearch and sort readersSearch and sort readers by login/username, name, and date last logged in.
Reader managementCustom fieldsSet up to 5 custom fields for each reader which can be used to display information and conditionally show content.
Reader managementBulk editBulk edit reader groups.
Reader managementLogin/logout linkAdd a reader login/logout button to your knowledge base.
User managementAdministrative rightsAssign admin rights to users to allow them to manage your subscription, users, and readers.
User managementStandard user rolesUse the standard editor and writer roles to give users access to everything or content-only per knowledge base.
User managementCustom rolesCreate custom roles for full control of what administrative rights users have per knowledge base.
User managementAdmin rights to manage readersAllow a user to manage your account's readers without giving them any other administrative rights.
User managementUser teamsRestrict what content a user can update by creating user teams and sectioning your content into teams.
User managementUser reader group restrictionsRestrict what content a user can see by assigning them to reader groups and sectioning your content into groups.
StyleBrandingCustomize your colors, logo, and fonts to match your brand.
StyleThemesChoose from one of our prebuilt themes: classic, modern, or Clayton.
StyleLayoutChoose a site layout that fits the best for your needs whether that's a single full page column for your content, or it's multiple columns of navigation, content, and meta data.
StyleBare minimum modeCreate your own theme from scratch with full access to the HTML and CSS.
StyleResponsive designControl how your theme will look on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
StyleCustom CSSWrite your own custom styles to override the default look and feel.
StyleCustom HTMLControl the layout of your knowledge base and articles with full access to the HTML.
StyleColor pickerChoose colors from a URL, image, or a preset palettes.
StyleCustom fontsChoose from preset web fonts or upload your own.
StyleFaviconUpload a custom favicon.
StyleCustom JavaScriptAdd your JavaScript for customize or extend the functionality of your knowledge base.
StyleCustom HeadAdd your own metadata to your knowledge base in the custom head, such as favicons, Google Analytics, custom fonts, and more.
StyleWidgetsUse our new, updated, popular, and related widgets to display lists of articles.
StyleReader merge codesUse reader merge codes to display information about the current logged in reader.
PDFIndividual article PDFsDownload automatically generated PDFs of your individual articles.
PDFStandard (Full) PDF DownloadCreate a single large PDF of your entire knowledge base with a table of contents at the top.
PDFCustom PDFsCreate custom PDFs containing specific sections or chosen articles from your knowledge base.
PDFAdd a full PDF download option to your knowledge baseCreate a link in your table of contents for readers to download the knowledge base in PDF format.
PDFPDF StylesAutomatically apply your article styles to your PDFs, or define custom styles in your CSS.
PDFWatermarksAdd a watermark to your PDFs for branding and security.
PDFPassword ProtectionAdd a password to your PDFs to prevent unauthorized access.
PDFCustom header or footerAdd a custom header or footer to your individual PDFs.
PDFHide PDFsTurn off PDFs on individual articles.
PDFCover pageCreate a custom cover page for your full and custom PDFs.
PDFFooterCustomize the footer for your full and custom PDFs.
ExportsIndividual article PDFsDownload individual articles to PDF format.
ExportsStandard PDF downloadCreate a PDF of  your entire knowledge base. Choose to include or exclude private articles and video content.
ExportsHTML Zip BackupCreate an HTML zip file of your entire knowledge base as a backup.
FeedbackRatingsChoose between thumbs up/down or star ratings to collect feedback on individual articles.
FeedbackCommentsEnable comments to allow readers to comment on articles.
FeedbackComment notification emailsSet up email notifications to alert you to new comments in your knowledge base.
FeedbackComment notification frequencyChoose how often you want to receive emails about comments (each comment, hourly, daily weekly).
FeedbackModerationMake sure that comments are approved before displaying in your articles.
FeedbackReCAPTCHARequire ReCAPTCHA for public comments to prevent spam.
FeedbackHide ratings or commentsTurn off ratings and/or comments on individual articles.
FeedbackContact formEnable a contact form to allow readers to submit questions or questions.
FeedbackContact form integrationsIntegrate your contact form with your existing help system like Zendesk or HelpScout, or send an email to support address to create tickets and cases from your customers.
FeedbackContact form custom fieldsAdd additional fields to your contact form to collect important information such as phone number or account number.
TaggingTagsAdd tags to relate individual articles for navigation, search, and managing content.
TaggingTag libraryView and manage all of your tags.
TaggingSearch by tagReaders can search for all articles with a specific tag.
TaggingFilter by tagView articles based on tags.
TaggingTag merge codeDisplay the currently used tags in individual articles.
CategoriesDefault displayDisplay a category's content in one of several pre-formatted ways to allow readers to navigate.
CategoriesTopic-based categoryDisplay all the content within the category in a single viewable page.
CategoriesBlog styleCreate a blog style category that will display its content as a paged set of results in reverse chronological format or display order.
CategoriesCustom contentCreate categories that also act as articles.
CategoriesLevels and hierarchyCreate as many levels as you want to organize your content.
CategoriesRestrict to groupsRestrict access to a category and all its content.
CategoriesRestrict editing to teamRestrict editing of a category and all its contents to a user team.
CategoriesShared contentShare and sync an entire category between knowledge bases.
CategoriesHide from navigationCreate hidden categories.
CategoriesHide children from table of contentsHide a category's sub-categories and articles from the table of content
ArticlesStatusChoose from one of six publishing statuses to control visibility and workflow: draft, ready to publish, rejected draft, published, needs review, and deleted.
ArticlesWYSIWYG editorUse our full-featured WYSIWYG editor to create content just like in a word processor.
ArticlesEmbed videoEmbed videos from third-party video hosting tools like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Optionally upload videos into your file library and embed in an HTML5 video player.
ArticlesAuto-saveRecover an auto-save in case you left an article without saving. Auto-save takes a snapshot every 30 seconds.
ArticlesRestrict to groupsChoose which reader groups should be able to view an article.
ArticlesArticle calloutsGive an article a new, or updated callout to alert your readers of changes.
ArticlesVersionsCreate new minor or major versions of your articles and make the new version published when you are ready.
ArticlesTagsSet tags to relate articles to one another.
ArticlesSearch phrasesSpecify search phrases that may not exist in the content itself but should return the article if searched for.
ArticlesCreate from existingCopy an existing article to use as a template.
ArticlesRestrict editing to teamsChoose which user teams should be able to edit an article.
ArticlesLink contentShare content of an articles so the same article can appear in multiple categories or knowledge bases.
ArticlesPermalinksCustomize the permalink (URL) for each article.
ArticlesRedirects301 redirect old permalinks to new ones.
ArticlesShort titleCreate a short title for use in the table of contents.
ArticlesPublished dateAdd a custom published date to display in articles.
ArticlesAuthorSet the author of an article for display in the knowledge base, workflow, and content management.
ArticlesCategoryQuickly change the location of an article using the category option, or drag and drop it to a new location.
ArticlesArticle callout expirationChoose a date when the new or updated icon will be removed.
ArticlesExclude from search resultsHide certain articles from display in search results.
ArticlesHide from navigationHide certain articles from display in navigation such as a the table of contents.
ArticlesRemove PDF iconRemove the PDF download icon from individual articles.
ArticlesRemove feedback abilityRemove the ability to rate an individual article.
ArticlesRemove comment abilityRemove the ability to comment on individual articles.
ArticlesRelated articlesSet related articles for use in the related articles widget.
ArticlesPages to recommend onSet what pages in your website or application should be associated with an article. For use with the contextual help widget and the API>
ArticlesTitle tagSet a title tag for use with SEO and social sharing.
ArticlesMeta descriptionSet a meta description for use with SEO and KO search.
ArticlesRecent revisionsView the past 10 recent revisions to an article.
ArticlesAdd File/ImageAdd files or images to your articles. Use drag and drop, upload, or add from library.
ArticlesAdd SnippetAdd snippets from your library to insert globally defined text, images, or code into your content.
ArticlesAdd Glossary TermAdd a hover-over link to a glossary term to text in your article.
ArticlesLink to articleLink to other articles in your kb using an article ID, which won't break when renaming a permalink, moving an article, or copying a knowledge base.
ArticlesHyperlinksCreate hyperlinks to both internal and external content.
ArticlesEmbed iframesEmbed iframes to view PDFs and other webpages inside your articles.
ArticlesSourceView and edit the raw HTML source of an article.
ArticlesSpellcheckRun spellcheck on individual articles or turn on globally.
ArticlesFind and replaceUse find and replace to quickly locate and update content.
ManagementDrag and drop reorderingQuickly reorganize categories and articles using drag and drop.
ManagementCopy knowledge basesCreate a duplicate of your entire knowledge base.
ManagementCopy and sync contentCreate a synced copy of your knowledge base.
ManagementCustom viewsCreate custom views filterd by date modified, date created, author, tags, versions, teams, status, or groups.
ManagementBulk editBulk change articles status, author, and group restrictions.
ManagementBulk deleteDelete articles in bulk.
ManagementView deleted articlesView and recover deleted articles.
ReportingArticle RatingsView and sort articles by thumbs up, thumbs down, number of ratings, or average star ratings.
ReportingPopular ArticlesView and sort articles based on number of views, quality views, quality score, and date last viewed.
ReportingPublished articles with no viewsSee a list of published articles with no views.
ReportingSearches with no resultsSee a list of searches with no results.
ReportingContact Form ActivitySee a graph of your contact form activity, including hits, searches, confirmed self-serves, exits, and tickets.
ReportingPages searched using the widgetView what pages in your website or application are causing the most support, including which articles rank for which pages.
ReportingCommentsView and moderate all comments in your knowledge base.
ReportingGoogle AnalyticsInstall Google Analytics in your knowledge base to track and reporting on visitors and usage.
ReportingHotjarInstall Hotjar in your knowledge base for heatmaps, visitor recordings, and feedback.
ReportingMixpanelInstall Mixpanel in your knowledge base to see how readers use your site.
WidgetContextual help widgetEmbed a contextual help widget in your website or application that allows people to search and displays inline documentation.
WidgetContact formEmbed a contact form in your website or application that suggests relevant articles to prevent support.
APIOpen APIUse our open API to build your own integrations, pushing information into and pulling information out of KnowledgeOwl.
APIMultiple API keysCreate multiple API keys for different uses, each with their own allowed methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) and reporting (date last accessed and last accessed IP location).
APISupportSupport is happy to help with your API questions.
APIWebhooksSubscribe to webhooks to get automatic push updates when changes are made in your account.
SupportDemosScheduled demos are available upon request.
SupportComplimentary supportSupport is complimentary on all trial and paid accounts.
SupportPriority supportPriority support is available for Business and Enterprise plans.
SupportPhone and email supportComplimentary phone and email support is available for all trials and accounts.
SupportTrainingComplimentary training is available for all trials and accounts.
SupportConsultationsComplimentary consultations are available for all trials and accounts.
SupportCustom themesCustom theme builds are available through paid professional services.
SupportKnowledge baseOur knowledge base is available 24/7 to help with your KnowledgeOwl questions.
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