Business as a source of joy: swag, stickers, and masks - oh boy! - by Marybeth Alexander

Marybeth Alexander | November 12, 2020

Last week I shared how we believe business can be a force for good. I'm happy we were able to spread some positivity, and I am grateful for those of you who reached out to share your kind words. 

This week I'm pleased to follow up with a special announcement that hopefully sparks joy or at least makes some of you smile: KnowledgeOwl finally has swag and we want to give some to you!

Photo of KnowledgeOwl swag received in the mailboxA member of the KnowledgeOwl community happy to receive their swag!

What is swag and why do we have it?

Swag, sometimes spelled "schwag", is branded merchandise. From t-shirts to water bottles to stickers to hoodies, pretty much any item can become swag when you slap a company logo on it. Swag makes people happy, and maybe the better question is why we didn't have it before.

We've been talking about swag for as long as KnowledgeOwl has been around, which is over five years now. We chose our logos and mascots envisioning them on stickers and t-shirts. We've had customers ask for swag and tell us they would proudly wear it around. It was always something we wanted to do, and we hoped to get around to it someday.

Someday happened back in July 2020. We saw a LinkedIn post from Printfection, a swag management platform that we now use, with branded company masks. While many of us loved the idea, one of our team members took it a step further and said "I’m happy to take point on this if no-one else has!". That person was Stephen Zappia, our Head Professional Services Owl and Resident Sorcerer, and now Sorcerer of Swag too.

It might have taken a global pandemic, but we finally have swag and it ties in nicely with the work we are doing. Swag is another way we can live the company mission:

We share the KnowledgeOwl experience
Making valuable knowledge base software
Giving great service to everyone we meet
With the belief that business can be a force for good
Being helpful and kind in all our actions
To make life better for ourselves,
Our teammates, our customers,
And our communities too.

Swag helps us share the KnowledgeOwl experience, give great service, and make life better for ourselves, our customers, and our communities. It's a small thing, sure, but we believe those small things can make a positive difference. If swag is a way to spread happiness, then we have already spread a little bit of happiness all over the world.

World map showing the locations of KnowledgeOwl swag shipmentsKnowledgeOwl is shipping masks and stickers all over the world!

Stay safe swag campaign

For our first foray into swag, we have a limited number KnowledgeOwl masks and stickers. We are excited about masks being our first swag item as they are both fun and functional. Both the masks and stickers feature our mascot Linus, who you can learn more about in our post on the evolution of our logo.

Our team has been sharing photos with our KnowledgeOwl swag, and we are happy to have you meet our mask-wearing KnowledgeOwl team and family members!

Photo of Stephen and Jerrard masked up in Melbourne, AustraliaStephen and Jerrard
Melbourne, Australia

Kate and Tysa masked up at Pemaquid Point lighthouse in MaineKate and Tysa
Pemaquid Point lighthouse in Maine

Marybeth masked up in Broomfield, Colorado with her dog SallyMarybeth and Sally
Broomfield, Colorado

Sorin wearing his mask in Beiuș, RomaniaSorin
Beiuș, Romania

KnowledgeOwl Linus stickers on a water bottleKnowledgeOwl stickers on a water bottle
North Conway, New Hampshire

How to get your own KnowledgeOwl swag

If you are a customer, fan, or friend of KnowledgeOwl and you want to join the swag party, email us at to let us know. Our support team will send you a custom link to place your order.

We currently have two options*:

  1. A single KnowledgeOwl-branded face mask
  2. A single face mask and three KO stickers, one of each type

*If you are interested in stickers without the face mask or a custom order, we might be able to make that happen. Let us know in your email and we will see what we can do!

We hope this brings a bit of joy to your day! Stay safe out there!

KnowledgeOwl Stay Safe Swag Campaign Masks and StickersKnowledgeOwl Stay Safe Swag Campaign

About the author
Marybeth Alexander
Marybeth Alexander

is the Knowledge Goddess and Chief Executive Owl at KnowledgeOwl. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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